Ethical / Fair Trade

Bunny Bucket is an online platform that fulfills the needs of the community that pursues a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Coherent with ZONES way of life, we cater to a centralized online marketplace for both merchants and consumers with different preferences like nature lovers, vegans or a zero-waster. To cultivate the community with a sustainable lifestyle, Bunny Bucket advocates the ZONES principles as these elements are the best ways for a better future.

E: Ethical/Fair Trade
Bunny Bucket merchants are adhering to the business ethics and the Fair-Trade practice whereby they must obtain the Fair Trade Certified™ seal. This allows them to work together in a comfortable environment while practicing environmentally safe trade activities towards sustainable livelihoods. As for the consumers, they are supporting the local natural products as well as the farmers, workers and local companies. Furthermore, consumers who pursue a sustainability lifestyle act as organic or sustainable products’ ambassador and inform the public about the benefits gained. Besides, reviews shared by these nature enthusiasts help the public in making the correct decision in choosing suitable products or services.