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Craftiviti Liquid Soap Base is made from 100% pure vegetable oils and is a great cleansing agent for head to toe wash. Craftiviti Liquid Soap is made similar to Liquid Castile Soap, the only difference is in the oils that are used. While liquid castile is made from olive oil, our Liquid Soap is made from a blend of natural coconut oil, olive oil, starch from corn and potato and wheat protein.

Craftiviti Liquid Soap Base in its pure unadulterated form can be very concentrated and therefore drying to the skin. This liquid needs to be diluted with water and natural oils before use.

Once diluted, this soap is ideal for sensitive or dry skin, eczema, acne prone skin. This liquid wash is so versatile, it can be used as a multi-purpose washing liquid for facial cleansers, body and head wash and even as a base for medicated soap.

SPECIAL NOTE: This soap base has a very raw green scent because it uses pure vegetable oils. While we can remove the scent by passing this product through an extra filtration process by adding chemicals to deodorise the scent, we decided not to. Why add more unwanted chemicals to this pure product? The scent does not linger and is easily washed off. Or you can mask the scent with beneficial essential oils.


Craftiviti Liquid Pure Soap Base Material Safety Data Sheet


Benefits of the Craftiviti Liquid Soap Base are:

  • No Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS)
  • No Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate (SLES)
  • No scent / perfume
  • No parabens
  • No harmful chemicals
  • No animal origin
  • No ethylene oxide
  • No alcohol
  • No allergenic properties
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Ideal for medicated soap base
  • Can be used as facial cleanser
  • Safe for daily use


How to make your own liquid hand wash (our 1kg bottle can make approximately 5 litres of soap)

  • Find a foam dispenser bottle (the type that pumps out foam and not liquid)
  • Add 10% to 30% soap base to every 100ml filtered water (10ml-30ml) Please note that adding water will reduce the shelf-life of the body wash so make small batches to last up to 3 days or add preservatives such a Germall Plus or Ecocert Tea Tree Preservative
  • Add in 5% to 10% of carrier oils to the weight of the soap base *this step is preferrable for added moisture. For hands we recommend macadamia oil.
  • Add in your choice of Essential oil blends *this step is optional for added therapeutic benefits. For healthy hands and nails use Peppermint essential oil. For disinfectant benefits, try Tea Tree or Eucalyptus or use a blend of Lavender with Peppermint oil.
  • Shake bottle well and can be used immediately
  • Make a new batch every 3 days if not using preservative

How to make your own liquid body wash

  • Find a 100ml glass bottle or any bottle
  • Add 10% to 30% soap base to the amount of liquid the bottle can hold, fill the rest with water. Please note that adding water will reduce the shelf-life of the body wash so make small batches to last up to 3 days or add preservatives such a Germall Plus or Ecocert Tea Tree Preservative
  • Add in 5% to 10% of carrier oils to the weight of the soap base *for body. Try jojoba oil or safflower oil. *optional
  • Add in your choice of Essential oil blends *for body wash, we recommend Lavender essential oil, Grapefruit oil or a blend of Cedarwood, Basil and Rosemary.
  • Shake mixture well
  • Make a new batch every 3 days if not using preservatives

*You can also use this base direct without adding water. Just add your oils and essential oils and it is ready to use.

For shampoo, try a blend of Argan oil or Jojoba Oil along with Rosemary Essential Oil to promote hair growth.

For face, try adding Rosehip oil for healthy complexion along with Lavender essential oils.

After dilution with water, this liquid soap mix will take on a very thin and watery form. This is normal unlike commercial soaps which has thickeners and additives to create thick creaminess. Using a foam dispenser or pouring the liquid onto a bath scrub or bath puff before wash will help.

1kg of Craftiviti Liquid Soap Base makes approx. 3-5 liters of liquid wash if added with water depending on the recipe. Feel free to change or adjust the ingredients and measurement to suit your skin type.

NOTE ON ADDITIVES * Due to the natural state of the ingredients, please note that any additional additives or oils will change the shelf life and consistency of the product. ** To make bigger ready batches, store access in fridge to prolong shelf life or add anti-bacterial essential oils as well as preservatives such as Germall Plus or Ecocert Tea Tree Preservative

Why choose Craftiviti Liquid Soap Base

A lot of people ask us why our soap bases are different compared to many others. We proudly say you just need to try it out for yourself to see the difference. But here's a few things you can look out for:

Texture and and built

In its purest form, Craftiviti Liquid Soap Base is thick with a tint of golden yellow. Plant fibres is natural and can be found in the soap base. Once mixed with filtered/pure water, the soap base will take on a diluted liquid form which is best used with a foam dispenser. To create thicker liquid form, you can choose to mix in commercial thickeners such as Xanthum Gum, however, we find lesser additives to be better for the skin.


Pick up our soap bases and you can tell by the weight alone that it contains nothing but pure soap made from the goodness of rich good oils. Pick up a lesser base and the weight is a lot lesser too. This is because our Liquid Soap Base contains no fillers or thickeners. It only contains pure vegetable oils combined with pottasium hydroxide to create soap in its purest form.


100% natural vegetable oils from coconut, palm and olive oil (such as Oleic, Linoleic, Linolenic acids), Wheat Protein, Myristyl Lactate.

Most pure soap bases in the market are often very vague about the ingredients they contain. Our liquid soap base is made from made from 100% pure vegetable oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, starch from potato and corn, plus wheat protein combined with potassium hydroxide to create this luxurious soap. Also the natural glycerin derived from the saponification process is left in the soap base to act as a great moisturizing and cleansing ingredient. Our Liquid Soap Base contains no alcohol and harmful chemicals and is good for daily head to toe use.

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