Refund, Returns and Exchange of Products

1 All products bought through the Bunny Bucket platform is covered by the terms and conditions in our refund, return and exchange policy.
2 We at Bunny Bucket provides our customer with a hassle free “BB Fair Trade” policy with an aim to assist customer with their purchases.
3 Our refund/return and exchange policy for the item sold on the platform is divided into two categories namely non – perishable item and perishable item. For reference of the category of the item please view the product list.
3.1 Customer who purchased a non- perishable goods can only raise a dispute if:
3.1.1 The product received is defective /or damaged on delivery
3.1.2 The product received does not match with the description stated on the platform (i.e.: wrong size, wrong colour, wrong material and etc)
3.1.3 Wrong item
3.2 In case any of the product receive satisfies clause 3.1, then the customer shall;
3.2.1 Email to us at “” by attaching a picture / photo of the product received and clearly state the issue they are facing. Customer will be able to request either they would like a replacement or a refund.
3.2.2 The dispute shall be lodged by the buyer within 48 hours of receiving the products at their doorstep.
3.2.3 Bunny Bucket will acknowledge the customer enquiry upon receiving the email from the customer and Bunny Bucket will notify the merchant in writing. Merchant is required to respond to the customers dispute within 3 working days.
3.2.4 In the event where there is no respond from the merchant, Bunny Bucket will proceed to assist the customers dispute without further notice to the merchant. Bunny Bucket has the full rights and discretion whether the customers dispute is rightful.
3.2.5 Bunny Bucket will notify the customer on the next step whether their claim qualify for a refund and exchange.
3.2.6 Upon receiving a reply from us to return the product. Customer must make sure that the product received including any gift that is received, shall be returned to the address as specified in the email from Bunny Bucket. Upon posting the returned item, customer is advised to email us with the proof of posting for further action.
3.2.7 Bunny Bucket will only send out the exchange product or issue a refund once we have received back the item or goods from the customer.
3.3 Notwithstanding clause 3.2, the return or exchange of perishable items or goods are not allowed. For the customer to be satisfied with the purchase received, the customer is advised to check the item upon receiving. A rejection can only be done at the point of delivery with reference to clause 3.4.
3.4 With reference to clause 3.3, the customer is only allowed to reject the item or goods, if it is proven that:
3.4.1 The product received is not consumable (i.e.: expired, rotten, emitting foul smell)
3.4.2 The product received does not match the description stated on the platform (i.e.: not equal weight, different type)
3.4.3 Wrong item
3.5 With reference to clause 3.3 and clause 3.4, if the item or good is rejected, Bunny Bucket will issue a refund to the customer account as per clause 7.
4 Bunny bucket will try our best to accommodate any dispute raised by our customer, however there are circumstances where refund/return or exchange will not be considered
4.1 If Customer Change of Mind
4.2 If the Product Purchased Is No Longer Needed
4.3 If Customer Is Unfamiliar with The Platform of Bunny Bucket
4.4 If Customer Is Unfamiliar with The Product Purchased
4.5 Wardrobing
4.6 Deliberate Fraud
4.7 Difference of Colour Tone/Size Due to Photography
5 The cost of returning the product shall be borne by Bunny Bucket. The customer will receive a store credit as a compensation. For terms and condition of store credit please look at our terms and condition policy.
6 The refund will be made to the buyer’s Bunny Bucket account as a store credit. The store credit can be used by the buyer for further purchases.