Zero Waste

Bunny Bucket is an online platform that fulfills the needs of the community that pursues a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Coherent with ZONES way of life, we cater to a centralized online marketplace for both merchants and consumers with different preferences like nature lovers, vegans or a zero-waster. To cultivate the community with a sustainable lifestyle, Bunny Bucket advocates the ZONES principles as these elements are the best ways for a better future.

Z: Zero Waste
Zero-waste practice can be done with these 6Rs - Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair and Rot (decompose). Understanding the benefits of a waste-free lifestyle is the key factor that promotes creative alternatives that help to reduce physical and invincible waste too. At Bunny Bucket, merchants and consumers are constantly made aware of how zero-waste practice can go beyond waste and materials elimination. The evolution of minimal waste activities has been rampant as these practices allow versatility among the concerned public.